Our Property subsidiary is into land sales, property sales, Estate development & Management. Our mission is to make genuine and affordable lands and Lands and Houses available to interested subscribers at different prime choice, locations both for residential and commercial purposes and also to provide investment opportunity for those who may like to invest in Real Estate.

We, at Treasure Keys Properties has a strategy plan of acquiring a large expense of good topographic land and in conjunction with visionary subscribers and investors, we take the land to a fully developed and comfortable estate with all necessary documentation and government approval in states. We try as much as possible to ensure that our clients get good value in return for investment made in any form into our different estate projects, for those who will live in the estate or those who merely invest in it for a return. We believe sincerely that REAL ESTATE is the REAL INVESTMENT any where in the world today.

The eventual estate BENEFITS and FACILITIES include these:


♦ Full perimeter fencing.

♦ Motorable Road Network.

♦ Electricity with Dedicated Transformer.

♦ No “Omo Onile” Problem

♦ Proper Documentation.

♦ Portable Water Supply.

♦ Recreational Facilities.

♦ 24Hrs. Security.

♦ Access to high ways leading to most part of the country.

♦ Facilitated access to most government services.

♦ Serene and quiet environment.

♦ Flexible payment plan.

♦ Easy Transfer of Ownership.